We offers a wide range of welding services including GMAW, FCAW, SMAW, GTAW, and SAW. These welding services give us the ability to fabricate various piping, structural steel, and pressure vessels made of carbon steel, and/or any exotic alloy. Our clients across the globe have come to rely on because of our attention to safety, quality, and customer service.

We comprehensive knowledge of EPFC and project management allows us to optimize Clients' overall fabrication and construction configuration for cost and schedule advantages :

  • Advanced sourcing methods.
  • Early fabrication design to improve constructability.
  • Environmental benefits to Clients.
  • Focused material and equipment procurement planning to support offsite fabrication.
  • Global market knowledge / Global purchasing volume.
  • Modularization-specific designs.
  • Quality control / Quality assurance.

Machining Services

Machining is one of our key skillsets. With a highly experienced team and a wide variety of precision equipment, we can meet exacting requirements for both manual and CNC machining tasks across a variety of metals, plastics and other materials.

Our plant list includes several multi-axis turning centres as well as an assortment of CNC and manual mills and lathes. This equipment, combined with CAD/CAM software, allows for optimised workflow to ensure a rapid, precise and cost effective machining service. Our multi-disciplinary team is also experienced in combining machining and welding and the challenges associated with different metallurgies, providing our customers with confidence that Our Engineering Team is able to handle the vast majority of machining tasks.


Our services include :

Our Capabilities