About Us

PT Lancang Kuning Sukses

PT Lancang Kuning Sukses is an engineering and contracting company that has been established and experienced in a variety of industries and sectors. A wide range of experience has enabled us to be able to change most of the project in our hands, and now developed several manufacturing of our own products, and continue to increase the ability of experts to tackle most projects and also repairs. With a variety of design capabilities, enabling our business to serve clients with a one enterprise solutions to meet all their needs and provide them with a complete solution that is effective and efficient.


As a company engaged in Engineering, Procurement and Contractors, we are committed to be a business associate of the industry's most trusted and relied-upon partner, providing the best in class products, superb craftsmanship and a passion for quality and customer satisfaction.


To successfully execute Engineering, Procurement and Construction Projects, and other related services.


Our History


The company was founded, started as a small workshop consisting of several staff and workers and led by Mr. Iswendra as founder. started business as fabrication, engineering and supplier of goods for spare parts of machinery and also serve repair and maintenance machine for Batam area.


In order to serve the customer demand that is currently good enough in the Batam area as an industrial city, management decides to move the workshop to a bigger place, and recruit skilled workers in their fields, as managers or engineers and other staff.


Due to good business development, the Company moved again after purchasing a larger workshop in Megajaya Industrial Park and in the same year added two more workshops in different locations, to meet customer demands and provide better service to customers.


We have implemented various engineering and construction projects with comprehensive capabilities that provide complete solutions, including design, planning, financing, testing, fabrication, installation and maintenance, across various infrastructure including oil and gas and support projects for industry and manufacturing; always strive to provide the best service for customer satisfaction.